Figure 6.

Myristoylation and palmitoylation of αi2 and sαi2 COS-7 cells were transfected with pcDNA3 (lanes 1 and 4), or pcDNA3 containing αi2 (lanes 2 and 5) or sαi2 (lanes 3 and 6). 48 h after transfection, cells were incubated with 1.0 mCi/ml 3H-palmitate (lanes 1–3) or 0.5 mCi/ml 3H-myristate (lanes 4–6) for 2 h. Following immunoprecitation with the EE antibody, duplicate samples were resolved by SDS-PAGE. Radiolabeled proteins were visualized by fluorography (panel A), and immunoblotting with the EE antibody provides a comparison of protein levels of αi2 and sαi2 (panel B).

Wedegaertner BMC Cell Biology 2002 3:12   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-3-12
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