Figure 2.

Example of a CiteAb antibody page. Each antibody page provides details of the antibody code, antibody name, name of the supplier, host species, whether the antibody is polyclonal or monoclonal, clone number if monoclonal (not present in this example), any conjugated moiety such as FITC (not present in this example), synonyms for the antigen (not present in this example) and information on the immunogen. Published reactivity, published applications, supplier recommended reactivity and supplier recommended applications are also provided where available. Not all antibodies will have complete information as several of these data fields have been added recently and uploading of the additional information is continuing. The antibody page also lists publications that have cited the antibody. The first ten are shown automatically, with an option to view the remainder. Each publication has a link to a corresponding ‘publication page’ (Figure 3). There are also links to add a publication, report a problem and sign up to the CiteAb newsletter.

Helsby et al. BMC Cell Biology 2014 15:6   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-15-6
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