Figure 3.

Proteomic and antibody array analysis of tissue cells. A-E: Proteomic analysis of 2-DE gels, visualized with Sypro ruby, derived from bone marrow (BM) (A), breast adipose (BA) (B), olfactory tissue (OT) (C) and foreskin fibroblast (FF) (D) cells. E: Table indicating correlation analysis of protein expression profiles of 2-DE gels derived from BM, BA, OT and FF cell samples (N = 2 samples per tissue). Quantitative expression levels of matched protein spots on 2-DE gels were compared pair-wise. Note; multiple runs of the same sample generated a correlation coefficient of 0.88 (N = 3). F-H: Antibody array analysis of BM, BA, OT and FF cells. Three samples per tissue were pooled and stained for extracellular antibodies (228) using the BD lyoplate kit and images captured (3x3 montage). Representative images of positive (F: BM – CD105) and negative (G: OT – CD200) wells – Scale bar (G) = 100 μm. H: A pair-wise comparison of positive or negative antibody expression was carried out between all tissue cells and the percentage similarity between samples calculated.

Wetzig et al. BMC Cell Biology 2013 14:54   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-14-54
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