Figure 4.

Physiological β-catenin signaling triggers multiple signaling pathways in HONE1 hybrid cells, and BIO-induced Wnt signaling activities in HONE1 cells. A. Stem Cell Transcription Factors Array shows major transcription factors that are up-regulated in HONE1 hybrid cells. B. The bottom panel demonstrates Stem Cell Signaling Array, showing that four signaling pathways are activated in HONE1 hybrid cells. C. RT-PCR analyses show that both β-catenin and Axin2 are strongly expressed in BIO-treated cells. Except for N-cadherin that shows reduced levels in HONE1 hybrid cells (also see Figure 1C, expression for all tested genes, β-catenin, Axin2, Nanog, Oct4, Twist, Snail, Cyclin D1, Slug, Fn1, and E-cadherin, is up-regulated in both HONE1 hybrid (MCH4.5 and MCH4.6) and BIO-treated cells compared to mock-treated HONE1 cells. D. Immunofluorescence staining shows that expressed proteins in BIO-treated HONE1 cells (5 μM) are mainly accumulated in the membrane (40x magnification) as compared to parental HONE1 cells. This is also seen in HONE1 hybrid cells (Figures 1B and 1E).

Cheng et al. BMC Cell Biology 2013 14:44   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-14-44
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