Figure 4.

Interaction between p120 and M-cadherin is independent of Rac1 activity. Ric10 cells were cultured in pmGM for 24 h and then further cultured in pmDM for up to 24 h. (A) Plasma membrane was fractionated by density-gradient ultracentrifugation. DRM fractions were pooled and subjected to immunoblot analysis for flotillin and M-cadherin and dot blot analysis for GM-1. The distribution of molecules in DRM fractions of NSC23766-treated cells is represented as the % of the amount in DRM fraction of untreated control cells. Averages and standard deviations (n = 3) are shown. (B) Ric10 cells were cultured for 24 h in pmDM supplemented with 0.1% DMSO (Ctrl) or 100 μM NSC23766 (NSC). Then, immunoprecipitated materials from total cell lysates were subjected to immunoblot analysis. Similar results were obtained by two independent experiments. Representative results were shown.

Mukai and Hashimoto BMC Cell Biology 2013 14:37   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-14-37
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