Figure 6.

Analysis of the level of telomere clustering in pools of heterologous chromosomes. Distribution of the number of telomeric spots (pp, qq, pq) per nucleus in neutrophils (resting in green, LPS-activated in red) using a pool of p, q and p + q telomeric probes labelling the telomeres of: (a) the 5 submetacentric chromosomes (SSC1 to SSC5), (b) the 2 subtelocentric chromosomes (SSC6 and SSC7), (c) the 5 metacentric chromosomes (SSC8 to SSC12), (d) the 6 telocentric chromosomes (SSC13 to SSC18). The x-axis displays the number of telomeric spots counted and the y-axis the % of nuclei harbouring the numbers of spots concerned. The dashed lines indicate the expected number of spots according to the number of telomeres labelled in the pool. The P values show comparisons between the two states (resting and activated) using a χ2 test.

Mompart et al. BMC Cell Biology 2013 14:30   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-14-30
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