Figure 8.

O-FISH detection of miR146a. DF1 chicken fibroblasts and HeLa cells were either mock-transfected (b, c, f, g) or transfected with pIC (DF1: 10 μg/ml [d], HeLa: 5 μg/ml [h]) for 3 hrs and then analysed by qRT-PCR. qRT-PCR data are shown for DF1 cells (a) and HeLa cells (e). O-FISH detection procedure (lacking O-FISH miR146 probe) was carried out as a negative control (DF1 [b], HeLa [f]). The O-FISH signals following mock-transfection in DF1 cells (c) and HeLa cells (g) are shown, and pIC-treatment of DF1 cells (10 μg/ml) (d) and HeLa cells (5 μg/ml) (h) are shown. Bound probe was detected using the O-FISH method. Micrographs are representative of at least 5 images per condition. Nuclei were labelled with Hoechst 33258. O-FISH signals are shown in red and nuclei in blue. The provided images were derived from a volume compression of a z-stack of 16 images taken at a 0.4 μm step size. Scale bar of 25 μm applies to DF1 and HeLa cells (b-d, f-h).

Jones et al. BMC Cell Biology 2013 14:21   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-14-21
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