Figure 2.

Characterization of bait fusion proteins for the split-ubiquitin system. A) Schematic representation of bait fusions in the ER membrane. B) Left: 5-FAA counterselection against a SEC61-TRP1 plasmid in a SEC61-CPLV haploid. (+) positive control, strain carrying a non-essential TRP1 plasmid; (-) negative control, strain is chromosomally TRP1. Right: Haploid SEC61-CPLV colonies that grew on 5-FAA were restreaked onto medium lacking leucine only (-L) or lacking both leucine and tryptophan (-LW); (+C) positive control, strain carrying a non-essential TRP1 plasmid after growth on 5-FAA. C) Test for respiratory competence. Haploid wildtype and SSH1-CPLV yeast (top), and wildtype or heterozygous diploid (black bar) yeast were grown on full medium containing a fermentable (glucose, YPD) or non-fermentable (glycerol, YPG) carbon source.

Harty and Römisch BMC Cell Biology 2013 14:14   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-14-14
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