Figure 7.

In situ hybridization of PmEed in adult zooids treated with TC14-3. (A-C)Control, PBS. (A)Body wall of zooid. Bar, 100 μm. (B)Digestive tract. Bar, 50 μm. (C)Gonad. Bar, 50 μm. (D-I)Experiment, wild-type TC14-3. (D)Body wall of zooid. Bar, 50 μm. (E)Epidermis and muscle cells. Bar, 25 μm. (F)Coelomic cells in the body wall. Bar, 25 μm. (G)Digestive tract. Bar, 50 μm. (H)Coelomic cells around the stomach. Bar, 25 μm. (I)Visceral epithelium. Bar, 25 μm. a, atrial epithelium; e, epidermis; c, coelomic cell; m, muscle cell; oe, oesophagus; oo, oocyte; s, stomach; pv, perivisceral epithelium.

Kawamura et al. BMC Cell Biology 2012 13:3   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-13-3
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