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Figure S2. HDAC inhibitor, VPA suppresses the ROCK1 expression. MTLn3 breast cancer cells were allowed to invade into HD matrix for 24 h, were treated with VPA, DAPT, and combined treatments for 48 h. The cells were harvested for mRNA expression analysis. Q-PCR results showed that VPA alone decreased ROCK1 transcript level (40%) compared with control. Conversely, blocking of Notch-1 increased the ROCK1 mRNA level (75%) compared with control. Combination of VPA with DAPT, brought back the transcript level of ROCK1 similar to control. VPA increased the expression of Notch-1 transcript (150%) compared with control. DNA gel pictures represent the Q-PCR results. Relative expression was calculated using DDCt method and GAPDH used as internal control. Bars indicate standard error from two biological replicates and the experiments were repeated at least twice. 1-way ANOVA followed by post-hoc Tukey’s test indicating significant difference at * p < 0.05 and** p < 0.01.

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Raviraj et al. BMC Cell Biology 2012 13:12   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-13-12