Figure 3.

siRNA against PPL reduces adhesion to ECM in D562 cells. D562 cells were transfected with either control or PPL siRNA. (A) Effect of downregulation of PPL by siRNA on the adhesive characteristics of D562 cells. After 48 h, cells were trypsinized and 2 × 104 cells were resuspended in a 24-well plate coated with 200 μg of Matrigel. The plates were incubated at 37°C and adherent cells were counted. Four random fields were counted in 2 separate wells and the results were averaged. Values represent the mean ± S.E. from 3 separate experiments. Asterisks indicate a p value less than 0.05 based on Student's t-test. (B) Snapshot from a time-lapse recording of 2 transfected wells. D562 cells were transfected with either control siRNA (Additional file 1) or PPL siRNA (Additional file 2). Cells were grown to confluence in glass-bottomed dishes and EDTA (2.5 mM final concentration) was added. Changes in the morphology of the culture were recorded by live imaging. Time-lapse recordings were made every 5 min for 6 h. Bar: 200 μm.

Tonoike et al. BMC Cell Biology 2011 12:41   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-12-41
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