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Characterization of anti-ZIC7A12 antibody. (A, B) Western blot after SDS-PAGE of bacterial lysates expressing HyZic from pRSET (lanes recomb. HyZic 50 ng and 10 ng) and lysates from hydra cells (lanes Hydra Ly) probed with monoclonal rat antibody anti-ZIC7A12 (A). Control with a rat IgG that had been raised against CnASH (B). This antibody recognises a band below 43 kDa in hydra lysates. The anti-ZIC7A12 recognises a band at 46 kDa, which corresponds to the predicted size for HyZic. (C-F) Single hydra epithelial cell ectopically expressing HyZic-GFP fusion protein from HotG after transfection of the animals with particle gun. (C) DNA staining with TO-PRO3, (D) HyZic-GFP, (E) anti-ZIC7A12 staining, (F) merged images in false colours: DNA (blue), HyZic-GFP (green), anti-ZIC7A12 staining (red); Confocal sections; scale bar: 2 μm.

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Prexl et al. BMC Cell Biology 2011 12:38   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-12-38