Figure 8.

Reduced transcription of Cx43 by AGE-BSA and partial recovery of reduced Cx43 transcript by each of PD98059 and SB203580, as detected by semi-quantitative RT-PCR. Note that a dose-dependent reduction is seen in cells treated with AGE-BSA for both 24 (A) and 48 hours (B); a time-dependent reduction is seen in cells treated with 500 μg/ml of AGE-BSA for different time periods (C). The relative transcription levels of Cx43 of AGE-BSA-treated cells were significantly reversed by PD98059 from 65.1 ± 2.1% to 95.1 ± 5.3% or by SB203580 from 65.1 ± 2.1% to 98.8 ± 9.4% (D). For each dose of treatment, the relative level of Cx43 transcripts is shown in the histogram at the top of the blot. h, hours. *, p < 0.05 compared to the untreated cells.

Wang et al. BMC Cell Biology 2011 12:19   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-12-19
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