Figure 6.

Cell death is decreased during CIP in STC2Tgtissue. TUNEL analysis revealed apoptosis (arrowheads) during CIP (B, D) but not saline injections (A, C) in WT (A, B) and STC2Tg (C, D) pancreata. Magnification bar = 45 μM. (E) Quantification of TUNEL positive cells in WT and STC2Tg tissue (n = 4 animals; letters indicate significant differences). (F-I) HMGB1 IF to identify necrosis revealed nuclear localization in saline conditions for WT (F; n = 3 animals) and STC2Tg (H; n = 3 animals) tissue. After induction of pancreatitis, patches of cells with cytoplasmic, punctate HMGB1staining, indicative of necrosis, were observed in WT tissue (G; n = 4 animals) but not in STC2Tg tissue (I; n = 4 animals). Magnification bar = 34 μM

Fazio et al. BMC Cell Biology 2011 12:17   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-12-17
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