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Expression level test by real time PCR. (A) Dcp-1 expression level was increased in Dcp-1 GF flies that crossed with autophagy-related EP strains. (B) Atg8b expression level was increased in autophagy strains that crossed with GMR-GAL4 or Dcp-1 GF. (C) Tor expression level was reduced ~60% in, Tork17004/Dcp-1 GF and Tork17004/GMR-GAL4, Tor mutants. However, the expression level was not changed in TorDN/Dcp-1 GF line. (D) Atg8b expression level was increased in each of the Tor mutants. Atg8b expression level was slightly increased in the Tor mutants crossed with Dcp-1 GF than that of the flies crossed with GMR-GAL4. At least three individual experiments for each sample were put together for the gene expression study function in IQ5 2.0 and the expression levels were normalized to the reference gene RP-49. The control sample was obtained from w1118 wild-type flies. The error bars represent the SD of ddCt value. GD indicates GMR-GAL4;UAS-Dcp-1 and GG indicates GMR-GAL4.

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Kim et al. BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:9   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-9