Figure 5.

Time-lapse imaging analysis of asynchronous culture of 293 cells expressing EGFP-Mcm10. 293 cells were transfected with pEGFPC3-Mcm10 and 24 h after transfection, cells were placed on a live cell imaging stage (37°C with 5% CO2), and images were captured at 20 min intervals with a 10× objective of a Zeiss Observer Z1 inverted fluorescent microscope using an AxioCam HRm digital CCD camera. Some of the representative images have been shown along with the time elapsed since the start of imaging. Top rows are phase-contrast images while the bottom rows are corresponding EGFP fluorescent images in dark field. The two arrows indicate the daughter cells after cytokinesis at 1 h 40 min.

Kaur et al. BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:84   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-84
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