Figure 1.

Differentiation potential of single-cell-derived dermal fibroblast clones. Cell were expanded for over 25 doublings and were then induced in differentiation media for the time intervals described in the Materials and Methods. Adipogenesis was evaluated by Oil Red O staining (A). Neurogenesis (B) was evaluated by anti-neurotensin receptor 3 (NTR, red color), anti-growth associated protein-43 (GAP-43, green color), and anti-neurofilament (NF-M, green color) staining. Hepatogenesis (C) was demonstrated by anti-albumin (ALB, green color) and anti-hepatic nuclear factor 3 beta (HNF-3β, green color) staining. Scale bars, 100 μm.

Bi et al. BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:46   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-46
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