Figure 2.

HO-1 localization is not changed under the hemin treatment. A. Western blot analysis of endogenous HO-1. HEp-2 cells were treated with 100 μM hemin and cultured for 36 h. Tubulin was used as an internal control. B. N-terminally GFP-tagged HO-1 was transfected into HEp-2 cells (a-f) and cultured for 36 h with 100 μM hemin. Cells were incubated with 250 nM MitoTracker Deep Red (b and e) for 45 min, and then fixed with 4% PFA. N-terminally GFP-tagged HO-1 and C-terminally HA-tagged HO-1 were cotransfected into HEp-2 cells and incubated with 100 μM hemin for 36 h. The cells were fixed and stained with antibodies against GFP (g and j) and HA (h and k). Each inset shows a higher magnification image of the boxed area.

Yanatori et al. BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:39   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-39
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