Figure 1.

Renewal and differentiation capacity of ADSCs from old, adult, and young mice. A. Doubling time of P0 ADSCs. *:P < 0.04, N = 5 for young ADSCs, N = 7 for old ADSCs. B. Number of small (5-10 cells/colony), medium (10-50 cells/colony), and large (> 50 cells/colony) colonies formed after 5 or 8 days of culture after initially plating 5000 young, adult, or old P0 ADSCs. Young ADSCs formed significantly more large colonies than either adult or old ADSCs. *1: P < 0.04; **2: P < 0.006 between adult and young ADSCs for the 5- and 8-day colonies; *3: P < 0.02; **4: P < 0.004 between old and young ADSCs for the 5- and 8-day colonies. ADSCs from the same mouse were plated in triplicates. N = 8. C. Osteogenic (von Kossa staining), myogenic (Liu's staining), and adipogenic (Oil-Red O staining) differentiation in young and old P1 ADSCs responding to differentiating medium after 21 days. The scale bars are 2.0 mm (von Kossa) and 500 μm (Liu's).

Huang et al. BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:18   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-18
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