Figure 8.

Depletion of MarvelD3 and epithelial barrier properties. Cells were cultured as in fig. 5 either using the Ca2+ Switch (A, B) or Direct plating (C, D) protocol. TER and fluorescent dextran permeability using 4 kD and 70 kD dextran were measured as indicated. The amount of dextran diffused to the basolateral side of the monolayer was normalised against the average value obtained from control cells. Shown are averages ± 1SD of quadruplicate samples of a typical experiment. The indicated p values were obtained with a t-test comparing knockdown with control values; in panel A, the p values refer to the final TER values. Note, MarvelD3 knockdown had no significant effect on diffusion of either dextran tracer across monolayers in either the Ca2+ switch experiment (B) or those plated directly into complete culture medium (D). The apparent decreases in the mean values in panel B obtained for single siRNA transfections were neither statistically significant nor did they reflect a trend observed in other experiments. However, final TER values were elevated in both culture conditions in all performed experiments.

Steed et al. BMC Cell Biology 2009 10:95   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-10-95
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