Figure 6.

Inhibition of Myosin II promotes spreading of myelin-membrane sheets on CSPG. (A) Primary oligodendrocytes were cultured on CSPG coated or control coverslips treated with 10 μM Y27632 or 50 μM blebbistatin 2 h after seeding, stained for MBP and analyzed for changes in the size of myelin membrane sheets. Changes in cell surface area were quantified after 2-3 days. Values represent means ± SEM (n > 60 cells, n.s. not significant, ***p < 0,001). (B, C) Primary oligodendrocytes were nucleofected with siRNA directed against both myosin (myo) IIA and IIB or control (Ctrl) siRNA. The cells were subsequently cultured on CSPG coated or control coverslips and membrane sheet size was analyzed after 3 d. (C) Quantitative analysis of membrane sheet size (means ± SEM; n > 30 cells, *p < 0,05). (B) Primary oligodendrocytes stained with O1 antibody to visualize membrane sheets. Scale bar 20 μm.

Kippert et al. BMC Cell Biology 2009 10:71   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-10-71
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