Figure 1.

Relocalization of centrosome proteins to the nuclear surface in differentiating myoblasts. Cultures of C2C12 myoblasts were induced to differentiate by serum starvation for one day. At this stage, the culture contains undifferentiated myoblasts (u), as well as cells that started to differentiate (d). Immunofluorescence of these cultures was performed to visualize the centrosome proteins PCM-1 (red), as well as pericentrin, gamma-tubulin, cdk5rap2, and ninein (all green). DNA was stained in blue. Arrows indicate partial staining of the remnant centrosomes by pericentrin, gamma-tubulin, and cdk5rap2. Bar, 10 μm.

Srsen et al. BMC Cell Biology 2009 10:28   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-10-28
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