Figure 2.

Differential subcellular localization of EGFP tagged NEDD4L-C2(+) and NEDD4L-C2(-) isoforms. Confocal microscopic images of X. laevis A6 cells transiently transfected with EGFP-NEDD4L-C2(+) (A), NEDD4L-C2(+)-EGFP (B), EGFP (C), EGFP-NEDD4L-C2(-) (D), and NEDD4L-C2(-)-EGFP (E). Western blot experiments of crude lysates from transiently transfected A6 cells (F) demonstrate that differential degradation of either isoform did not occur. The monoclonal EGFP antibody, JL-8 (Clontech) was used for detection. Confocal microscopic images of A6 cells transiently transfected with EGFP-NEDD4L-C2(-) and incubated with the early endosomal marker, Transferrin-Texas Red® (G-I) indicate that EGFP-NEDD4L-C2(-) localizes to the early endosome. Green (EGFP-tagged NEDD4L-C2(-)) and blue (nuclear marker) channels (G). Red (early endosome marker) and blue channels (H). Green, blue and red channel overlay (I). Scale bars are equivalent to 10 μm.

Garrone et al. BMC Cell Biology 2009 10:26   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-10-26
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