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PIR121 and SCAR subcomplexes in mutants. Vegetative wild type and mutant cells were lysed and intact protein complexes were separated using blue native PAGE. Gels were blotted onto Nitrocellulose then probed with anti-PIR121 (top) and anti-SCAR (bottom) antibodies. Subcomplex 1, which was seen in all mutants examined except pirA nulls, is only slightly smaller than the intact complex and thus presumably represents a complex of the Nap1 and PIR121 subunits. Subcomplex 2 is only seen in abiA null cells and may represent either unbound SCAR or (more likely) SCAR+HSPC300.

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Pollitt and Insall BMC Cell Biology 2009 10:13   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-10-13