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    Novel Cul3-binding proteins identified

    This study has identified a set of Cullin3 (Cul3)-binding proteins known as CLWs, containing either LRR or WD40 domains, and are proposed to function as additional substrate recruitment modules for the Cul3 complex.

    BMC Cell Biology 2014, 15:28
  • Antibody database ranks results by citation

    CiteAb is a new antibody search engine listing over a million antibodies, and ranking its results by the times the antibody has been cited, giving a clear indication of the effectiveness in practice.

    BMC Cell Biology 2014, 15:6
  • Hepatic progenitor cells express SerpinB3

    SerpinB3 is highly expressed in hepatic progenitor cells in human foetal liver and also in experimentally activated hepatic progenitor cells in adult mice, as well as in cirrhotic human liver.

    BMC Cell Biology 2014, 15:5


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