Figure 7.

Structures from TIM barrel fold c.1 and its variant fold c.6. Panel (a): d1clxa_, a typical TIM Barrel domain belonging to family c.1.8.3 with 345 residues. Panel (b): d1dysa_ c.6.1.1 with 345 residues. Panel (c): d1a4ma_, also a TIM Barrel, belonging to family c.1.9.1 with 349 residues. These domains belong to three different homogeneous clusters, by all three programs. The pairwise distances by VAST, SHEBA and DALI, between structures (a) and (c) are (334*, 440, 318), between (b) and (a) are (236, 350, 256), and between (b) and (c) are (420, 500, 344). The pairwise number of matched residues (Nres) by VAST, SHEBA and DALI between structures (a) and (c) are (180*, 127, 188), between (a) and (b) are (227, 170, 217) and between (b) and (c) are (137, 97, 175). *This corresponds to the best alignment of the two non symmetric pairwise alignments produced by VAST.

Sam et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2008 9:74   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-9-74
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