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MiMiR: a comprehensive solution for storage, annotation and exchange of microarray data

Mahendra Navarange, Laurence Game, Derek Fowler, Vihar Wadekar, Helen Banks, Nicola Cooley, Fatimah Rahman, Justin Hinshelwood, Peter Broderick and Helen C Causton*

Author Affiliations

CSC-IC Microarray Centre, Imperial College, Hammersmith Campus, DuCane Road, London W12 ONN, UK

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BMC Bioinformatics 2005, 6:268  doi:10.1186/1471-2105-6-268

Published: 9 November 2005



The generation of large amounts of microarray data presents challenges for data collection, annotation, exchange and analysis. Although there are now widely accepted formats, minimum standards for data content and ontologies for microarray data, only a few groups are using them together to build and populate large-scale databases. Structured environments for data management are crucial for making full use of these data.


The MiMiR database provides a comprehensive infrastructure for microarray data annotation, storage and exchange and is based on the MAGE format. MiMiR is MIAME-supportive, customised for use with data generated on the Affymetrix platform and includes a tool for data annotation using ontologies. Detailed information on the experiment, methods, reagents and signal intensity data can be captured in a systematic format. Reports screens permit the user to query the database, to view annotation on individual experiments and provide summary statistics. MiMiR has tools for automatic upload of the data from the microarray scanner and export to databases using MAGE-ML.


MiMiR facilitates microarray data management, annotation and exchange, in line with international guidelines. The database is valuable for underpinning research activities and promotes a systematic approach to data handling. Copies of MiMiR are freely available to academic groups under licence.