Additional File 1.

This compressed (gz) file contains two directories tmadb_bmc_html and tmadb_bmc and two files, create_tmadb.txt and a README file which can be extracted using gunzip software. The create_tmadb.txt file contains all the MySQL create commands for creating tables contained in the database. The README file provides instructions to help the user install the software. The tmadb_bmc_html directory contains html, xml and text files required for interfacing with the cgi programs. The tmadb_bmc directory contains ten files, nine files with the extension cgi and a file named Contains variables that require modification during installation. colo_form_input.cgi Program to upload colorectal pathology information from the Web form. colo_path_input.cgi Program to upload colorectal pathology information from the Web. core_path.cgi Program to upload specific information relating to each core from the Web. keysearch.cgi Program to query the database using a keyword search or a specific specimen identifier. mysql_search.cgi Program to query the database using MySQL statements. table_contents.cgi Program to display the contents of each table in the database. tma_construct.cgi Program to upload TMA design construct information from the Web. tma_result_input.cgi Program to upload TMA experiment protocol and results from the Web. unknown_path.cgi Program to upload pathology information from the Web for specimens where the diagnosis is unknown.

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Sharma-Oates et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2005 6:218   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-6-218