Table 3

Genes sex-differentially spliced
Gene ID Gene name Chromosome Event type ΔPSI1 Adj. p-value2 GO annotation3
FBgn0004652 fru 3R altdonor -1 5.87E-08 Male courtship behavior
FBgn0003659 Sxl X exonskip 0.974 5.87E-08 Sex determination
FBgn0000504 dsx 3R AltLE 0.939 5.87E-08 Sex determination, male courtship behavior
FBgn0004652 fru 3R exonskip -0.906 9.90E-08 Male courtship behavior
FBgn0028341 l(1)G0232 X AltFE 0.802 2.98E-08 Protein tyrosine phosphatase activity
FBgn0086675 fne X altdonor -0.656 6.76E-08 Regulation of RNA metabolism
FBgn0005616 msl-2 2L retintron 0.565 1.38E-03 Dosage compensation
FBgn0259923 Sep4 X AltFE -0.524 4.79E-04 GTPase activity
FBgn0259923 Sep4 X altdonor -0.469 5.87E-08
FBgn0053113 Rtnl1 2L AltFE -0.464 6.39E-08 Inter-male aggressive behavior, olfactory behavior
FBgn0053113 Rtnl1 2L AltFE -0.444 5.87E-08
FBgn0053113 Rtnl1 2L AltFE 0.426 5.87E-08
FBgn0004852 Ac76E 3L exonskip -0.382 5.87E-08 Intracellular signal transduction
FBgn0086674 Tango13 X altdonor 0.372 6.61E-08 Sulfotransferase activity
FBgn0003741 tra 3L altacceptor -0.371 5.87E-08 Sex determination, male courtship behavior
FBgn0260660 mp 3L skip2exons -0.252 7.93E-03 Motor axon guidance
FBgn0259682 CG42351 2R exonskip -0.242 9.21E-08 none
FBgn0259214 PMCA 4 mutexcl 0.232 5.87E-08 Calcium transporting ATPase activity
FBgn0259214 PMCA 4 exonskip -0.229 5.87E-08
FBgn0037297 CG1116 3R retintron 0.229 1.39E-03 none
FBgn0010482 l(2)01289 2R Un-classified 0.22 2.98E-08 Protein disulfide isomerase activity
FBgn0036194 CG11652 3L AltFE 0.208 8.26E-03 Phagocytosis

1PSI in females – PSI in males. Table is sorted by ΔPSI absolute value.

2p-value from Fisher’s Exact Test, FDR corrected by Benjamini-Hochberg.

3Selected terms (not a complete list), extracted from the “Summary information” section of each gene’s FlyBase entry [35].

Sturgill et al.

Sturgill et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2013 14:320   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-14-320

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