Figure 4.

Identity matrix for four individual DENV consensus strains and a multivalent PCP consensus derived from them. The matrix shows the inter-sequence Clustal W scores (top) or % Identity (bottom) for PCP-consensus sequences for the envelope protein of each of the four DENV types, and a PCP consensus prepared from these four individual consensus sequences. The overall PCP-consensus is about equidistant from the four consensus sequences, using either metric for similarity. Note the four distinct genotypes, that DENV 1 and 3 are closer to each other than to DENV2, and that DENV4’s sequence is distant from the other 3 types.

Schein et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13(Suppl 13):S9   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-S13-S9