Table 2

Human miRNAs used in the study
hsa- No. of targets
miR-99a 71
miR-181a* 85
miR-125b-1* 137
miR-424* 151
miR-155 153
miR-21* 177
miR-181a 245
miR-29b 273
miR-221 302
miR-181b 308
miR-222* 314
A miR-886-3p 334
miR-221* 378
miR-199a-3p 408
miR-484 408
miR-708 446
miR-214* 463
miR-503 478
miR-320a 493
miR-214 624
miR-29b-1* 633
miR-34a 840
miR-100 68
miR-21 109
B miR-223 118
miR-101 196
miR-199a-5p 256
miR-222 340

Human miRNAs used in the study, that were shown to be down-regulated upon HCMV infection in at least one of the three expression data sources (data supplied in this study, by Wang et al. [31] and by Santhakumar et al. [32]). A) miRNAs that were classified as down regulated in the miRNA expression data supplied in this study (see Methods). B) Additional miRNAs that were classified as down regulated in the studies of Wang et al[31] and Santhakumar at el [32]. Each group is sorted by the number of targets.

Veksler-Lublinsky et al.

Veksler-Lublinsky et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13:322   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-322

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