Table 5

Accession Reads/Frequency DGB Dsample Dchim Source Type DADA AN
FR697039 14/4×10−4 0 11 10 Lake Water Bacterium Y Y
EU633742 1/3×10−5 1 9 9 Showerhead Methylobacter Y Y
JF515955 1/3×10−5 1 8 8 Soil Nitrosomonadaceae N Y
FJ004768 77/3×10−3 2 39 27 Soil Bacterium Y Y
JF190756 1/4×10−5 1 40 27 Human Skin Bacterium Y Y
JQ462329 2/8×10−5 0 7 5 Human Mouth Bacterium Y N

DGB, Dsampleand Dchimare the Hamming distances to the given GenBank entry, the nearest sample genotype, and the optimal chimera for each putative contaminant denoised sequence. No entries are given for the Artificial data set because no likely contaminants were found in the denoised sequences of either algorithm. The last two columns show which contaminants were present in the denoised sequences of each algorithm (“Y” if found and “N” if not found).

Rosen et al.

Rosen et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13:283   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-283

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