Figure 2.

Dali Z-scores of SNs of exemplary CASP8 model-structures plotted against their FS values. (A) SNs of high quality model-structures (black - T0388TS426_5-D1, GDT-TS = 91.77, green - T0456TS002_1-D1 GDT = 76.44 and blue- T0392TS138_4-D1 GDT = 87.2 ) have a distribution of points similar to that of native proteins SNs (here figuratively indicated by red line, which marks the 0.95 quantiles calculated for SNs of native proteins). (B) Neighbors of low quality model-structures accumulate in specific parts of the plot (marked by a, b, c) due to low Z-scores (purple - T0422TS404_5-D1, GDT-TS = 30.00, cyan-T0392TS479_1-D1 GDT-TS = 28.96) or/and low FS values (magenta - T0418TS420_1-D1, GDT = 14.18). The solid vertical line at FS = 0.6 indicates the FS threshold found in the previous experiment with native proteins when function and structure similarity start to depend on each other.

Konopka et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13:242   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-242
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