Table 2

Functional enrichment analysis for the top 20 hubs
Hub Degree Enriched function Correctedp-value
cce_4432 16 Nitrogen fixation 4.5E-5
cce_3394 16 Nitrogen fixation 1.7E-5
cce_3974 14 Photosynthesis, dark reaction 1.4E-2
cce_0997 13 Photosystem I 1.3E-5
cce_0103 12 Plasma membrane proton-transporting 1.7E-5
cce_0589 11 Signal transducer 9.4E-3
cce_1620 10 Photosystem II reaction center 2E-2
cce_1578 10 Structural constituent of ribosome 1E-2
cce_2038 10 Response to chemical stimulus 4.5E-2
cce_4486 9 Photosynthetic membrane 3.1E-2
BNFinder+MDL network
cce_3394 20 Nitrogen fixation 3.7E-8
cce_3377 17 Proton-transporting ATPase activity 2.1E-7
cce_3898 15 Structural constituent of ribosome 2.5E-11
cce_1943 11 peptidoglycan biosynthetic process 3.4E-2
cce_2639 9 thiamine-phosphate kinase activity 2.1E-2
cce_1620 8 Photosystem II reaction center 1E-2
BANJO network
cce_4663 10 Calcium ion binding 3.4E-2

Xuan et al.

Xuan et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13:131   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-131

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