Table 1

Formulas for pollen haplotype calculations
Genotype Equation
p(jj) 1/4α
p(kk) 1/4α
p(ll) 1/4α
p(mm) 1/4α
p(jk) 1/6β-1/6α + (1-β) (1/4Δ2 + 1/4Δ3)
p(jl) 1/6β-1/6α + (1-β) (1/4Δ1 + 1/4Δ3)
p(jm) 1/6β-1/6α + (1-β) (1/4Δ1 + 1/4Δ2)
p(kl) 1/6β-1/6α + (1-β) (1/4Δ1 + 1/4Δ2)
p(km) 1/6β-1/6α + (1-β) (1/4Δ1 + 1/4Δ3)
p(lm) 1/6β-1/6α + (1-β) (1/4Δ2 + 1/4Δ3)

Genomes are named generically jklm. Therefore, alleles for S (i.e. ABCD) correspond to genomes jklm respectively; and alleles for Z (i.e. 1234) also correspond to genome jklm respectively. α is the probability of double reduction and ranges from 0- 0.14. β is a parameter for chromosome pairing during meiosis and can have values of 0 (disomic) or 1 (tetrasomic). Δ is a parameter that defines which chromosomes show preferential pairing.

Aguirre et al.

Aguirre et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13:125   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-125

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