Figure 5.

Model analysis of transient IKK and NF-κB activation in microglia. Sensitivity analysis of the model shows the dynamic NF-κB response (A) and IKK response (B) are regulated differently by different groups of parameters depending on the time interval of interest. See Additional file 1: Tables S2-S3 for complete descriptions of the parameters. (C) Parameter scans were used to find the Euclidean distance between the nominal and perturbed NF-κB responses as the parameters varied over four orders of magnitude. Dark colors indicate little change, while lighter colors indicate large changes. (D) Simulated trajectories from the parameter scans for selected parameters from each group show distinctions in how the system is affected by up to +/- 10-fold changes from the nominal values. See also Additional file 1: Figures S7 and S8.

Sheppard et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2011 12:276   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-12-276
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