Figure 9.

Example of a complex missed by MCL-CAw from the ICD(Gavin+Krogan) network, but found from the Gavin+Krogan network. The eIF3 complex from Wodak lab consisted of 7 proteins: Yor361c, Ylr192c, Ybr079c, Ymr309c, Ydr429c, Ymr012w and Ymr146c. The predicted complex id#36 from the ICD(Gavin+Krogan) network consisted of 14 proteins: 6 cores (Yor361c, Ylr192c, Ybr079c, Ymr309c, Ydr429c, Yor096w) and 8 attachments (Yal035w, Ydr091c, Yjl190c, Yml063w, Ymr146c, Ynl244c, Yor204w, Ypr041w). Therefore, there were 1 missed and 8 additional proteins in the prediction, leading to a low accuracy of 0.4. Hexagonal (Orange): eIF3 complex from Wodak lab. Circle (Orange, Yellow and Pink): Predicted complex id#36. Rectangle (Turquoise): Level-1 neighbors to the predicted complex id#36.

Srihari et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2010 11:504   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-11-504
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