Figure 1.

Human ARD2 gene expression. (A) The genomic organization of the hARD2 gene on Chromosome 4 (not to scale) displaying Exon1, Exon2, Intron, the open reading frame (ORF), the nucleotides in the splice sites and the primers pr1-pr4. The registered cDNA sequences BC004552 and BC063623 are also indicated. (B) RT-PCR of the hARD2 ORF using the primers pr1 and pr3 in the cell lines Jurkat (1), HEK293 (2), NPA (3). β-Actin is used as an internal control. (C) Detection of hARD2 exon 1–2 specific PCR product (381 nts) using primers pr2 and pr4 in the cell lines Jurkat (1) and HeLa (2). The asterisk denotes an unspecific PCR product.

Arnesen et al. BMC Biochemistry 2006 7:13   doi:10.1186/1471-2091-7-13
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