Figure 1.

Multiple alignment of GFP and Anthozoa FPs. The numbering is according to GFP, the N- and C-termini of the proteins are not shown. Coral FPs are named using a nomenclature suggested in [7]. Each protein is designated by lowercase letters identifying the species (e.g., "z" for Zoanthus sp., "am" for Anemonia majano, "c" for Clavularia sp., "ds" for Discosoma sp., "dr" for Discosoma sp. red, "as" for Anemonia sulcatd), FP for fluorescent protein, and a number corresponding to the major emission maximum. Two proteins from Zoanthus and three from Discosoma are grouped and compared inside the groups: in the second/third protein of the group the amino acids identical to the corresponding ones in the first protein are represented by dashes. The protein names are shaded in colors corresponding to its fluorescence. The residues whose side chains form the interior of the β-can are shaded in blue (according to [6]). Introduced gaps are represented by dots. The residues that were mutated are shaded in pink. Red FP-specific Ser-68 and Ser/Thr-112 are shaded in red.

Gurskaya et al. BMC Biochemistry 2001 2:6   doi:10.1186/1471-2091-2-6
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