Figure 2.

Low doses of Rapamycin, Torin 1, and Torin 2 are insufficient to kill M. smegmatis. RAW264.7 cells were infected with M. smegmatis and treated with Rapamycin (A), Torin 1 (B), or Torin 2 (C). Cells were then lysed and plated for CFU determination. Shown are combined results of two independent assays performed with each inhibitor. On the left are the raw CFU values for each replicate. On the right is the percentage change (+/āˆ’ SEM) from the mean value of cells treated with DMSO that was set at 100%. For the comparison of raw CFU values, asterisks indicate pā€‰ā‰¤ā€‰0.05 for drug treated groups versus DMSO treated cells.

Zullo et al. BMC Biochemistry 2014 15:4   doi:10.1186/1471-2091-15-4
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